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Because we are a badass road cannon of destruction, we are zooming through the Midwest this week in a silver Chevy Cobalt. (We went to a motocross event in Taylorville, Ill., over the weekend and showed up in this car; this in no way caused us to be mocked, nope.) It's looking incredibly unlikely there's going to be a game tonight โ€” we're told it's already raining in St. Louis, and it's not expected to stop until, uh, tomorrow night โ€” but we're heading toward the Gateway City anyway.

Therefore, the rest of the posts today are using a crazy program we like to call "Future" posting. (It's crazy! It's from the Future!) The posts were written before we hopped in our badass road cannon of destruction and scheduled to go up while we're on the road. Therefore, any screwed up italics tags โ€” mistakes we never make โ€” or huge breaking news of the "OJ Simpson just murdered Barry Bonds" variety will be hopefully taken care of by associate editor Rick Chandler.

So forgive us: We have to drive for a game that's likely going to get rained out anyway. We hope it's worth it.