Not to bring up politics again, but as many as you know, former Steelers Hall of Famer Lynn Swann is running for governor of Pennsylvania. As anyone who has ever spent time in the general vicinity of the great city of Pittsburgh, part of your duties as political candidate is to play beer pong with your potential constituents.

He takes the ball without question and we walk to the table. He then says, "Just throw it in the cup?" I agree with him and give him a little advice because the wind was kicking up at this fine day. ... He makes a few arm motions warming up a bit, eyes the red cup at the other end of the table filled slightly with IC Light, takes a breath and lets it fly. The crowd that surrounded the table was at least 30 deep by now with Steeler fans cheering for him like he was back on the field again. Cameras flashing, video camera's rolling, his bodyguards and marketing team thinking about the damage this might do to his campaign and then...


The crowd erupts with cheers as the ball lands inside the cup. He turns to me and gives me a high 5 before fleeing the scene and probably having his marketing team erase all video of this ever happening but it doesn't get much better than this.


Boy, do you not want to hear about our beer pong with Mark Foley that one time.

Future Governor Lynn Swann Plays Beer Pong [Mondesi's House]