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It's been quite a year so far for youth football, hasn't it? Spectators being mistaken for terrorists, police officers tasering rambunctious fans ... one concerned parent even pulled a gun on a coach. Compared to that, the following may not seem like much, except for the heartfelt, tearful apologies all around. And that's what we're all about on Fridays.

The president of a youth football association has apologized for fans who wore Afro wigs and painted their faces black at a playoff game. Shaker Heights coach Jeffrey Saffold said Hudson fans also used a racially offensive word during Sunday's game. "I think this was a way of supporting the team by showing up in bigoted costumes to mock their minority opponent," Saffold said.

It may not surprise anyone that this occurred in Ohio.

And now, on with the bitter regret:

• "Sorry I took six members of my team to a strip club." — NYU golf coach Jay Donovan.


• "Sorry I unknowingly consumed the banned substance nandrolone, which somehow got into my Count Chocula." — Shawne Merriman.

• "I'm so very ashamed for giving that junior varsity soccer player an atomic wedgie." — Park High School principal Eric Messerli.

• "Sorry for mocking the disabled. Also sorry that whenever I enter a room, there is the sudden smell of sulfur and flatulence." — Rush Limbaugh.


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