Todd Haley is the receivers coach for the Dallas Cowboys, which means, as is, his life is pretty much terrible. He also doesn't have much time to cook, since he apparently only takes his family out for McDonald's. That's bad enough, but even worse when they McSalad has a huge freaking rat in it.

The dead rodent, believed to be a juvenile roof rat, was about 6 inches long and was found on its back with its mouth opened ... He said the women didn't find the rat until taking the salad home to eat, and that a manager from the McDonald's "didn't offer any comfort" after driving to their house to see the rodent. The suit was filed after the restaurant didn't follow through on promises "to make things right," he said.

Because the image of a six-inch roofrat lying in a salad is too appetizing for us to comment on without drooling, let us instead focus on the reaction of the McDonald's manager, who's kind of in a tough spot here. First off, we're not sure what kind of comfort the manager is supposed to offer there. We mean, he did drive out to the house. What more do you people want? We're not sure there's much of anything he could have said there that would have offered much comfort. His job was pretty much just to be screamed at. We suspect he fulfilled that part of the description.

By the way, if you ever wondered how McRib's were made ... well, now you know.

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