A fascinating look back by the folks at 10 Cent Freeze Pops as part of their "Looking at old issues of Sports Illustrated" series: A 1993 cover story by everybody's favorite international online superstar Peter King about why the NFL is boring.

It's a rather compelling read, actually; whatever your thoughts on King, he has always known his football. Here's a couple fascinating tidbits from the story, including his 10 things that would fix the league (he's always liked his top 10 lists):

Problem #10: The game has no character and almost no color.
Solution: Do a better job marketing the players.

Comments: Here's the actual first line of Peter's final solution for the NFL..."Follow the NBA's lead." When's the last time you heard that advice? Yikes. But that's as good a line to end with as any. The NFL is king of the hill now. 13 years ago? "Be more like the NBA." Classic.

It's a fascinating read, and not just for the lack of references to King's colonoscopy.

Old SI Review: December 6, 1993 [10 Cent Freeze Pops]