I didn't go to sleep tonight playing online poker and am down $350. So I decided to put $350 on Michigan State over Indiana through Bodog. I am not a relaxed camper right now. - Dynamic Hispanic

What happens if the guys arm slips out of the back of Lou Holtz? - Ian, Lexington, KY


During his Bowden diatribe, Corso has already said Damn and Hell. I'm waiting on his head to explode and pretensia to spew all over Rece and Kirk. - Mikel, Lexington, KY

Could there be a worse Gameday than Tennessee-South Carolina? That would be like a St. Louis-Detroit World Series. Oh. - goathair_3

North Carolina is looking for a prominent football coach and Iraq is looking for stability. I'm betting that Iraq is stable before North Carolina hires a big name. - The Critic


Seen on a gameday sign: "I dated a girl from Tennessee... She left me for her brother." - yanxfan421324

I liked the sign at Gameday down in South Carolina that said "I loved a girl from Tennessee...then she left me for her brother". But if you're in South Carolina to begin with, do you really have any grounds to be throwing stones about other people being rednecks? - tsquared56

It's homecoming weekend at Indiana. Michigan State is here. And the big push on campus this week was to get 50,000 fans at the game. Yes, 50,000. The amount of fans in the Big House two hours before kickoff. - PostmanE


Sign on college football Gameday: "Corso is game 4 cock." - Gregg Henson

Steve Beuerlein just informed the viewers that Brady Quinn has completed a pass in 42 straight games. Is that really an accomplishment? When is the last time a starting QB has not completed a pass in a college game? Especially with a passing guru for a coach. - Rowan 2 FSU

I don't care what the University President says. Oklahoma is NOT what I think of when I think of higher-ranked degree granting institutions. - ImaSaxist


Illini 14, Badgers 3...all of a sudden, that hoops loss to North Dakota St. last year seems all too recent. - Cody

Illinois dressed up for Halloween today. They came to the game as a good football team. - CalvinBrockMVP

So Illinois' QB is named Juice. Does that mean he's going to kill someone in, oh, 20 years or so? -The Big Picture


The announcer on the Notre Dame game just said that Navy players are too disciplined to reach the ball across the goal line. Maybe that's Colorado's problem—they're just too disciplined to score points. - phil