This is a fairly safe afternoon to recover from a hangover. All you need is someone to wake you up in time to watch the World's Largest Cocktail...right, we're not calling it that, but either way, get up by the time Florida v. Georgia is on and tie it on all over again. - C

There's an All State commercial featuring 3 guys who sneak onto a football field and try to tear down the goalposts only to have the rear axle ripped out from underneath their car. Is it just a coincidence that they have Ohio plates? - I Heart Poop

In a commercial advertising for Purdue University, one of the students in a staged shot in a lab is wearing this. Nicely put, Purdue. Nicely put. - Tuffy Rhodes

As ABC came back from commercial in the 4th quarter, you could see the Mizzou mascot lying down in the stands. You know a fanbase is used to choking in the big game when their own mascot literally takes it lying down. - Bitterwhiteguy

I write for Wisconsin's student newspaper so I'm up in the press box watching the Badgers get crushed by the Illini (Damnit, Will!) and I go to grab some food at halftime, and I end up in line behind some dude in a purple coat and ill-fitting khakis. It was Pam Ward. It was surreal—like seeing Mike Cooper. Should I have said something? I feel like I should have said something. - Ben H.


"Brady Quinn is having a great day. He's leading his team to a 10 point lead and he's received three offers for a date from Navy Defensive lineman. - The Critic

Flipping to the Purdue game, I got all excited when I heard the name Greg Orton mentioned. Could it be that Kyle Orton has a brother following his proud, drunken footsteps at Purdue? Then I noticed Greg Orton was black. - Kyle, Maine

Am I the only one who's not exactly heartened by the knowledge that, not only will the Navy football team be protecting our freedom, but so will the cheerleaders and band? - phil


Great sign at Gameday today: "Spurrier pisses excellence." - clarkwgriswold5

Brent Musburger has the biggest Chase Daniel boner ever. he's rock hard for Chase Daniel. And he just went limp after that fourth down incompletion. So sad. - kringer

So its the midpoint in the college football season. Is today the day they start to thaw out Mel Kiper or do they wait unitl Monday? - Mikel, Lexington, KY


You know, in watching the Michigan game, Chris Spielman ounds a lot more insightful than usual. Then again, I've just spent a week listening to Tim McCarver, so your mileage may vary. - GoinYostal

Do you think the Navy guys ever think about this: they go to an extremely competitve, highly intellectual institution, graduate, and spend the next 5 years stuffed underwater with 5 other non-showering guys in a submarine bunk room, earning minimum wage, eating recylced garbage, putting their lives on the line for a watery gave, while their breaks are spent watching ex-Notre Dame players, who took courses such as "Physics for Poets", making millions of dollars, nailing multiple Playboy bunnies, and getting forgiven for armed robbery/assualt/murder/being asshats? Life is so fair. - John, NY, NY

Temple has a 7 point lead in the 3rd quarter... Maybe they aren't WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. - Mesum


I think I just saw something more gay than Brady Quinn's photo spread - Notre Dame's male cheerleaders playing a game of "let's slap megaphone's together" after a 4th quarter Quinn touchdown pass. - I Heart Poop

Announcer during ND-Navy game doing a between play promo for CSI:NY. "New episode starring Gary Sinnissy" (I think he meant Sinise - pronounced Suh-nees) - Hannah, NYC via Blitzburgh

Back to reality, Will, Illinois blew a lead and is now losing to Wisconsin. - yanxfan421324


A graphic on ABC showed Penn State dominating Purdue in time of possession 40:17 to 25:02 with 1:08 left in the game. I'm not sure if the time of possession stat is as surprising as the fact that this game has featured about 6 bonus minutes. - Joe, Notre Dame