And Bowling Green is the school that gives Temple its first win of the season. Man, I'd hate to be that one Deadspin commenter with the BG avatar. - Suss

The announcers keep talking about Auburn kicker Jon Vaughn as "automatic" and "a sure 3 points." Yes, he did make it, but how can you call a guy who once missed 6 field goals in a game "automatic?" - GeauxTigers

Florida International, with half their team suspended for the brawl, actually leads Alabama 3-0 in the second quarter. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to throw a brick through Mike Shula's window. - Mac Thomason

Someone at Michigan State had better get Lithium prescriptions for their whole team because they're by far the most bipolar football team I've ever seen. - MWpuckhead

With 7 minutes to go, Weis just started sending in the backups. Great role model, running up the score against a service academy during wartime. I hope Bill the Goat bites every ND player and coach right on the bathing-suit area. - MBM


Acclaimed computer programmer Mike Gottfried on the BCS, "the computers don't compute right". - GLOBBal warming

I love airport bars/restaurants. Especially the ones like the Mediterranean Grill here at Detroit Metro where you've got a potential fight about to start between the two frat boys from OSU and the old guy from Minnesota. You got to give that old guy some credit, it takes balls to needle two guys about how they're gonna get their asses kicked by U of M at the end of the season. - Ray Wert, Jalopnik

It seems that Mike Hart has heart. Someone should make a sign indicating so. Also, Breaking News: apparently AJ Hawk dates Brady Quinn's sister. Film at 11. - Mikel, Lexington, KY


Thing #7,645 you don't want to see in HD: Vern Lundquist. - Cohron, Lexington, KY

On ESPN2, the World Hamburger Eating Championship is coming up. My first thought was, "not my first choice for the new name of the Florida-Georgia game, but, I'll go with it." - Marius Janulis

ABC's Ray Bentley just said that Oklahoma State DB Martel Van Zandt was "Born deaf from birth." - bigmiketulsa


I declare a moratorium on white announcers describing any departed college player like Laurence Maroney as leaving to make "mad dollars." - C

Why are the Florida players doing that stupid ass "jump-shot" celebration on defense that the Giants have been doing? It annoys me. Tell them to stop. - Mike, South Bend, IN

Paul Maguire has failed to finish about two thirds of his sentences. Just exquisite broadcasting. - shenanigans