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We have no idea whether or not Bigfoot is real; heck, half the time we doubt the existence of our paperboy. But there is one brave group who is keeping the faith, and now they claim to have proof. BIRO (the Bigfoot Investigators and Researchers Organization) is blowing the lid off of this whole coverup, and they naturally have come to us for help. Because, you know, we've encountered much scarier things in the wild than Bigfoot. It was just last night that we received a set of shocking photos, purporting to show Bigfoot trying to break into a vehicle somewhere in the El Dorado National Forest.

If true, this isn't just a random Bigfoot sighting; it's a heretofore unknown bipedal hominoid creature commiting a rather serious felony. But that's not all. The photographer claims that in this shot, Bigfoot's penis is visible (circled in red, after the jump). From the BIRO Society:

In two photos in 35mm color, using a pocket camera, there appears to be a Bigfoot creature standing by a camp vehicle, looking back at the camera. A head, torso, and a well-muscled arm are visible. Also, many people are able to see a male organ on the creature in the photo. The head has a strong and wide nose. The film was 200 asa Kodak color print film. Shot 5 was normal view, and shot 6 was telephoto. Assuming the car is 5.5 ft in height, the creature looks to be about 10 ft. The white object is underwear


Bigfoot wang, or blurry images that could be anything? We invite you to examine the evidence after the jump and form your own conclusions.

Is He Real? [The Bigfoot Investigators And Researchers Organization]


This image was lost some time after publication.


This image was lost some time after publication.