Kengshill Scheider Pujols is a minor league pitcher with the Vero Beach Dodgers, and the man stuffed 118 bags of crack cocaine into his underwear. The unfortunate thing about it is that he didn't even wait for "Stuff Bags of Crack-Cocaine in Your Underwear" night at Vero Beach, and almost certainly missed out on setting a new record and winning the grand prize of free fixins on his baked potato at the Vero Beach Sizzler.

Police pulled Pujols over when they noticed him driving erratically, but hey, you'd drive erratically too if you had that much of the rock stuffed into a very uncomfortable place. They searched him and found a total of 130 bags of crack, 118 of which were stuffed in his underwear. Even if those are really small bags, 118 of them is still a lot to have crammed in your jockey shorts. This man had a lot of extra room in his underwear... which probably isn't something he wants to advertise.


Pujols was already suspended for fifty games for testing positive for performance enhancers, and is now being charged with drug possession and distribution and driving without a license. The Dodgers, for some reason, released him.

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