This story isn't totally new, but it's the first we've seen of it. And we have to warn you in advance that all sides here are quite possibly insane. Charles Littleton, 22, was tackled, tasered and hauled off to the hoosegow last week for refusing to remove his Los Angeles Dodgers cap during a Saginaw, Mich., city council meeting. (If not stopped now, police figured, next time he might refuse to leave the library.) Littleton is now speaking out, and the local ABC affiliate reports:

"It means more than just a hat," Littleton said. "It's like my crown. It's like asking a king to remove his crown. A Jewish man — would you ask me to remove my yarmulke? A Kofee? A turban? Anything like that? But I guess a Los Angeles Dodgers hat is not a religious symbol. That is secular. You respect religion but you don't respect this."

And somewhere in Los Angeles, Tommy Lasorda's signal-watch is beeping. A Dodgers fan in trouble? To the fatplane!

Man Who Was Tasered At Council Meeting Speaks []