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News And Notes From Week 11 in the NFL.

• Because he's an Eastern Illinois graduate, we've felt it's important to support new Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but up until this week, it has been difficult to hop on board too much with all the enthusiasm. Romo's best quality has been his unique position of Not Being Drew Bledsoe; because he was physically able to move his feet without falling down and throw a pass without bleeding, he was the most popular player in town. But yesterday, Romo brought it all together, spinning, running, flinging, all together looking like some new sort of creature who could change the way we think about the NFC in an upset victory over the previously undefeated Colts. A loss by the Giants tonight would be the 'Boys in a tie for first place in the NFC East, and with what's going on with the Eagles, the Cowboys look like they could make a run on the Bears come playoff time. Looks like Drew Bledsoe's blog isn't helping much anymore.


• Oh, yes, the Eagles. If you get the opportunity, we suggest just doing what you can to avoid any and all Eagles fans today. Not that it won't be amazing to see Jeff Garcia back in action again, but yeah, Philly's all done now, good night, sleep well.

• Everyone's excited about the Chargers this morning, and with good reason, but lest we forget, they were down by 17 in the second half. Winning at Denver, with Jake Plummer doing that thing that he do, baby, is making us extremely excited about seeing LaDanian Tomlinson playing in January.

• OK, we'll say it: We're officially rooting for the 49ers in the NFC West.

• Hey ... Buzzsaw win! A good friend of ours is a Lions fan, and it seems like the Buzzsaw and Lions every year. We usually engage in some ironic trash-talk, considering each team is always considerably under .500 at the time, but this year, we couldn't even muster up the energy to do that.


• From The Mighty MJD's Smorgasbord: "Mike Nolan, however, is looking fresh to death in his special black custom Reebok suit. I'm disappointed that there's not a Reebok logo visible anywhere on the suit... a huge white Reebok logo would look fantastic across his back."