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As the holidays draw ever closer, it's time for us to address the serious issues; such as what should we get Barbaro for Christmas? You really should start shopping now to beat the rush. Perhaps Barbaro would like to learn a foreign language, so that he can enjoy all of his fan letters from Mexico. Or, you know, a wallet might be nice. Hmm. Framed photo of Dale Evans?

Oh, we know! You really can't go wrong with a loving tribute from Hoofbeats In Heaven, just in case — well, you know. While you're there you might want to purchase a nice print of Barbaro galloping with other horses in the afterlife (you don't want to stand under that flying one, believe us).


But enough gloomy talk. Word has it that Barbaro continues to improve, as is reflected in his latest fan mail.

• After the weekend most talk about current events, some talk about the game, and others talk about you - Oh Barbaro. Are we all crazy? No, for you see, we all are in love with you and you my prince bring out the best in humanity. — Terri Cole, 31; Braceville, OH, USA The Midnight Horse Show

• Hi Beautiful Barbaro, you are a VERY smart horse. You are a very special horse and my prayers continue for you, your family, Dr. Dean and all who love and care for you. Love, Jill XOXO —Jill Srncik, 51; Green Valley, AZ, USA

• My one & only Bobby: So I heard that you had a special visitor, Edgar, & that you are back to nipping—you naughty boy! I'm so proud of you—you just keeping munching on the apples & grass. Everyone loves you-we'd like to be nipped, too! — J Bell, 53; Pulaski, VA


• My Wonder Boy-Sleep well? Pray for ACD w/graze./ sun/treats 4 u. Am going 2 Horses Haven 2day! Will tell u about it 2nite. Wear.ur bracelet & shirt! Take care,My Warrior.Luv u-xo-'Talk'in PM — Peggy; MI

And while you're shopping, why not pick up a miniature horse or two for the kids?

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