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Everyone's dumbfounded by all the money being thrown around in baseball these days, from the Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez contracts to our new favorite, the Dodgers signing Juan Pierre for $9 million a year for the next five years. (They did watch last season, right?) Remember, three years ago, the Red Sox were ready to give Manny Ramirez to anyone who could stomach his contract; there were no takers. Now? He'd be considered a bargain.

Speaking of the Red Sox, Seth Mnookin says some of the Theo Epstein moves don't seem so insane anymore, and even though Mnookin's usually a defender of the regime over there, it makes sense.


Many teams seem to have the idea that because they're spending money, they are somehow given carte blanche because they're "trying." But remember: The money spending is money that you gave them. We can talk and talk about the "absurdity" of the contracts, but they have the money because we paid them for services. So, in other words: Juan Pierre is our fault. Crap!

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