Though yesterday might not have featured the most thrilling triumvirate of games — two blowouts during the day and a sloppy field-goal laden mess at night — it did give us our yearly Guy To Talk About During Thanksgiving. In the past, it has been Randy Moss, Jerome Bettis, Leon Lett, every year there's one player who becomes a household name because of the national stage Thanksgiving provides.

In other words, if you're not tired of Tony Romo's Amazing American Story yet, you're going to be soon, because it's not going away. Romo threw for five touchdowns yesterday in the Cowboys' easy win over the Bucs, he's possibly dating Jessica Simpson and he's now the most famous Eastern Illinois University alum since John Malkovich. (Who didn't even graduate.) Leading up to the Giants-Cowboys game next week, it's going to be all Romo, non-stop, so be ready.

However: There doesn't seem much time left on this starting quarterback earth for Jake Plummer, who stunk again last night and, if he's not careful, might drop the Broncos out of the playoffs.

So, to sum up the quarterbacks from yesterday:

Great: Romo, Joey Harrington
Fine: Trent Green, Jon Kitna
Bad: Bruce Gradkowski, Plummer.


What a weird six quarterbacks on Thanksgiving.

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