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Charlton 1-1 Everton. Look at that, Charlton didn't get their ass beat... much credit goes to new head coach Les Reed. In fact, Everton was fortunate to even get a tie with them, getting a lucky bounce off a defender's leg for their goal. Unfortunately, the one point they earned from this draw still isn't enough to pull Charlton out of last place.

Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City. It says something about City that this was maybe their best game of the year—and certainly their best road game—and they still found a way to blow it. Steven Gerrard beat them almost by himself, scoring a neat little goal about halfway through the second half after a bad city giveaway. It was Gerrard's first goal of the year.


Bolston 2-1 Arsenal. There are still 20 minutes or so left to play (and you can catch the end of it on Fox Soccer), but Bolton currently has a 2-1 lead and goals from Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye and Nicolas Anelka.

Manchester United vs. Chelsea. The big game of the weekend, of course, is tomorrow's Manchester United vs. Chelsea clash, conveniently placed on an NFL Sunday where I'll be certain to ignore it. A United win would put them six points ahead of Chelsea at the top of the standings, and about a bazillion points ahead of anyone else. Manchester United signed Wayne Rooney to a contract extension last night, keeping him in red through 2012 and providing him with plenty of money for "Tweenies" figurines.