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We'd like to thank We Are The Postmen for directing us in the general direction of this set of pictures from Rockets star Tracy McGrady's wedding, which took place in Las Cabos, Mexico. McGrady, when not shirtless in the pictures, looks pretty sharp, but it's his wife Clarinda who steals the show, as brides tend to do at these things.

She's got a busty dress, but she also poses for some tastefully done nude shots and features a close-up of a G-string, which did not happen at our parents' wedding, as far as we know. (Not that Dad didn't wear his fair share of G-strings, but the site of them caused blood to pour out of the photographer's eyes.) By the way, McGrady's friends kind of seem like dorks.

Clarinda And Tracy [Our Soiree] (via We Are The Postmen)

(UPDATE: Turns out, The Big Lead was all over this a bit ago. Nice work, anonymous folks of leisure!)