In honor of the great Simpsons statement against seven-day waiting periods to buy weapons — "But I'm mad NOW!" — we present a distinct moment in college football history: The time a 42-year-old guy named Jimmy shot a 43-year-old man named Ricky in the chest because of a $20 bet on the Clemson-South Carolina game. Strange thing about it: Jimmy won the bet!

The two had bet $20 on the annual game, with [Jimmy] taking South Carolina, which won 31-28, and [Ricky] taking Clemson, Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said. They drank beer all afternoon and watched the game Saturday at Johnson's home, and began arguing about the bet after the game.

Metts said [Jimmy]went to his car, got the rifle he normally uses for hunting and fired one shot, hitting Johnson in the chest.

By the way, we're not up on hunting, but a shotgun cartridge can't cost that much less than 20 bucks, can it?


We were watching the end of this game as well and, seeing Spurrier dance around after sneaking out a win, we're kind of pleased we didn't have a gun at the time ourselves. Please let this guy coach Miami: PLEASE.

Man Killed Over $20 Clemson Bet [AOL Sports]

(UPDATE: Actually, there are all kinds of rumors he might head to Alabama to take over for Mr. Shula.)