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We admire Giants touchdown sponge Brandon Jacobs, not only because he went to Southern Illinois, but because he's making every person we know who drafted Tiki Barber in fantasy football want to kill themselves. (Barber still has one touchdown this year.) We admire him because he's a rookie second-year player who tells it like it is! Here's the portly one on the Giants' excruciating loss to the Titans yesterday:

"It hurts, man," he said. "Any loss hurts, but this particular one to a team we should have beat the shit out of — this one hurts more."

And why should the Giants have beaten the (expletive) out of the Titans?
"Because they suck," he said. "That's why."

As much as we appreciate Jacobs' gumption for truth-telling, we nevertheless warn him that his quarterback is likely to be hiding from him for the next week or so. "Because he sucks ... that's why!"

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