Of all the tired Brett Favre storylines out there, our least favorite is the "He's playing against Mike Holmgren again!" theme. Yes, yes, they won a Super Bowl together; we're not sure this makes this all that necessarily compelling. Besides, that would require remembering a time when Brett Favre were, you know, relevant to the NFL at large, and that'll give you a headache, every time.

Anyway, it's the Seahawks, who look like they might stumble into an NFC West title after all, hosting the Packers tonight on what appears to be Favre's final Monday Night Football appearance. (In other words, expect about 80 references to and highlights of that game he won after his dad died.) By our calculations, there's only one compelling MNF matchup left this year, Cincinnati at Indianapolis on December 18, and that's only if the Bengals don't fold it in by then. Even the doubleheader on Christmas night is a little lacking, unless Terrell Owens decides to try to kill himself again.


But here's your thread, anyway, if you wanna chat about the game tonight. (We're gonna do this for Thursday's game too, even if a ton of you won't be able to watch it.) Count the number of times that it sounds like Tony Kornheiser is about to say something negative toward Favre, and then changes his mind. We think you can actually hear him reign himself in.

Well, enjoy, anyway.