After nearly a week off, the Deadspin SHOTY Tournament kicks back up today — just three more first-round matchups left — with a guy who seemingly shows up every week around these parts, if just to make himself more famous, against a former Philadelphia hero who has only made Deadspin once, but in a rather glorious way.

It's No. 4 seed Jay Mariotti against No. 13 seed Darren Daulton, a matchup of two people who have never been in our kitchen.

Let's go to the videotape!

No. 4 Seed: Jay Mariotti
2006 Highlights
Brought together the Cubs and the White Sox.
Shrunk from Ozzie Guillen's manly challenge.
Inspired a loving fan site.
Reveled in all the fame.
Declared war on Wikipedia using the famous "whining" method.

No. 13 Seed: Darren Daulton
2006 Highlights
Time-traveled in a way that was difficult for those of us who do not understand metaphysics to comprehend.

So, go vote: Who advances to the Elite Eight?

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