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For all the talk of Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck and a dogged night from Shaun Alexander, the main impression we took from last night's MNF Seahawks' win over the Packers was: SNOW! Screw Thanksgiving: We know the holidays are really upon us when it's snowing real hard and people are falling over and you can see everyone's breath and ... aw, man, how happy are we that Chicago's going to be hosting playoff games in January?

The game itself was rather entertaining, for a mismatch in late November, and the Favre love wasn't as overwhelming as we feared it would be; the famous late-father Raiders game was only mentioned once, and not in too nauseating of detail.


However, a note on Jimmy Kimmel, who was the Celebrity Guest in the booth this week. We have our own history with Kimmel, but we have no particularly animus or affinity toward him. But last night, in about five minutes, he singlehandedly desconstructed and destroyed the Tony Kornheiser experiment. Kimmel was funnier than Kornheiser, more knowledgeable about football than Kornheiser and, in the real moment that mattered, more willing to take on Joe Theismann than Kornheiser (which is the real crime). After yet another ridiculous Theismann statement, Kornheiser remained silent until Kimmel, who couldn't help himself, said, "Well, I don't know about that, Joe." And then, as if awakened, Kornheiser said, "Yeah! What about that, Joe?" And then Theismann had to backtrack. If the late-night talk show thing doesn't work out, we'll nominate Kimmel to take over in the MNF booth. OK, him or Christian Slater.

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