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Well, as pretty much everyone has weighed in on now, Mark McGwire is on the Hall of Fame ballot, and it's got everybody's panties in a bunch. We typically get exhausted by Hall of Fame debates anyway — they're like regular sports debates, except it's about stuff that ended a decade ago — but this one is the ultimate doozy, because it allows people to dither and blather about steroids some more. Because those conversations never get exhausting.

Some say McGwire should be out, some say he should be in, some say they aren't sure (though we're not sure what information they're waiting for). Our view is that McGwire is in, along with Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa and probably even Rafael Palmeiro, because steroids just don't fire us up as much as they're apparently supposed to. We promise this is the last time we're going to mention that fact; we honestly just don't care that much.


But we can guarantee you that the number of words devoted to this topic will exceed the number of words written about the NFL's steroid issues by a ratio of about 4,421 to 1.

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We like this picture, by the way, from one of those old Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. They couldn't do a shot from the back, lest the SI PhotoShop wizards be forced into air-brushing.