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Far be it from us to insinuate that Lance Armstrong is still in the heads of the French cycling establishment, but now they're accusing him of breaking into their email.

Betsy Andreu, the wife of a French cyclist and one of Armstrong's strongest detractors, claimed in a deposition that Armstrong signed onto her AOL account and sent emails under her name. And he's not just on email: He's everywhere!

"I think [Armstrong] has hacked my computer and we are currently suing America On Line to find the IP address of who hacked my computer. ... Lance wanted to control everything; anything anyone might say about him and he was ready to do anything to do it." According to Mrs. Andreu, her computer wasn't the only one Armstrong had hacked. She claimed in her SCA deposition in January 2006 that former Oakley sports marketing manager Stephanie McIlvain thought that Armstrong had hacked her computer and had placed a bug in the computer of his ex-wife Kristin as the couple was going through their divorce.

"Stephanie told me that [Armstrong] told her he put a bug in Kristin's computer and every word she typed was sent directly to him. Stephanie was scared that Lance had also hacked her computer." Although AOL refused to cooperate with Ms. Andreu, she told Mandard the she next intended to take the matter up with the Justice Department.

You know, we have no idea why people might think the French are a tad bit obsessed with this whole business. Still.

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(UPDATE: Ms. Andreu, as several have pointed out, is actually American rather than French, but we think the point still stands.)