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All right, we'll say it: We absolutely do not believe Michael Strahan when he does anything anymore. Everything the guy does seems so calculated, so media-savvy, so gay dramatic ... well, we just don't buy it anymore. If this guy played in Jacksonville, no one would know about him, or care.

Anyway, his "tirade" yesterday against an ESPN reporter we've never heard of is making all kinds of headlines in New York, because the Giants are collapsing and it's gonna be rather tough for reporters out here to ignore a toothless man screaming at a woman in the locker room.


This rather beautiful photo from The New York Times, which seems to be begging for a Leroy Neiman print, sums up just about everything we think about Strahan. Loud, isolated, confused by the rest of humanity, pampered and, well, rather batshit crazy. We can't say we'll be all that disappointed if the Giants miss the playoffs.

Add Dash Of Strahan And Watch Giants Boil Over [New York Times]