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You probably don't know Dr. Dean Richardson, because why would you? You're a sports fan, and he's a veterinarian. No reason he could possibly come across your radar.

Which is why, of course, noted Sports Illustrated writer Franz Lidz — whose work we generally admire, by the way — decided to nominate Richardson for his Sportsman of the Year award. At first, we thought: Wait, Lidz is nominating him because he's the doctor who allowed thousands of sad, lonely souls (and Deadspin commenters ... as if there's a difference!) to send letters to the still-breathing Barbaro; that's lame.


But no, Lidz appears to be nominated him because Dr. Richardson took care of Lidz's pet llama.

Well, we'll ask it then: Franz Lidz has a llama? Do they just pass out exotic animals at the door over there? What kind of animal did they give Zimmerman? Peter King? We imagine Verducci having a giraffe, for some reason. And don't get us started on Jenn Sterger.

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