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Honestly, the Cubs are kind of freaking us out with all this spending business. The overspend for Aramis Ramirez, they really overspend for Mark DeRosa and they REALLY overspend on Alfonso Soriano, and now they're supposedly going after Jason Schmidt. We're not necessarily concerned that these acquisitions will make that big a difference — they're too far away to contend right now, and by the time they could get it together, they'll be crippled by all these contracts ... in our opinion — but we are worried that this could change the mindset of Cubland. They're not going to expect to be winners now, are they? They couldn't, right?

Fortunately, some Cubs fans have their minds straight. Enter Fire Lou Piniella, a new Web site devoted to the notion that the Cubs should fire their brand-new manager before matters degrade even more. The site appears to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek for now, but just you wait: It's only a matter of time.

Seriously, it's the end of November: FIRE LOU!

Fire Lou Piniella ["Official" Site]