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Back before there was Tony Romo, God of all that he surveys, there was of course the original RoboRomo, the steroid-addled, spitting monstrosity that is Bill Romanowski. The Other Romo was considered one of the cutting edge steroid users, and he admitted using them not only to "60 Minutes" but also to promote a movie.

So, what's he doing now that he has, uh, been kicked out of football for steroids? He's running health and fitness seminars, of course. A reader at a PR firm who "works with outdoor manufacturers and some trade shows" received the following flak inquiry from a representative of Mr. Romanowski.

My name is Kelly Gray and I work with Bill Romanowski (4-time Superbowl Champ 16 years in the NFL). I am researching events that we might be looking at in '07. We are launching Bill's new Nutrition Company in Q2 2007. I wanted to see if there were any potential speaking events affiliated with your expo. We want to start educating people on Nutrition 53. Bill's presence and willingness to speak would attract people to your event, and it could also serve to help educate people on Nutrition 53 and Bill's new endeavor. We have celebrity affiliates from Gabrielle Reese to Adam Sandler backing this company. Let me know if there is any synergy to be explored.

Nutrition 53 — Romo's number — sounds like something we might want to look into; if celebrities like Adam Sandler are backing it, we're in! Now we know what was fueling Happy Gilmore's temper fits, though: Roid rage! We totally should have known.

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