• Freddie Mitchell, substitute teacher. Really.
Vote For Rory!
• Michael Irvin "apologizes."
The only league left for Justin Gatlin.
Dallas Clark rules all.
• Bill Romanowski has some health tips for you.
Scoop Jackson vs. the blogs.
Jimmy Kimmel for new MNF broadcaster.
• Melissa Rivers and NASCAR, a perfect match.
Lance Armstrong is everywhere.
• Hey, Albert, you won: Relax.
Part One of the saga of Ricky and Jimmy, and Part Two.
More than we need to know about our columnists.
• And take your Eggs Benedict with you!
Blind soccer!
• We're sorry we made you watch this.

That'll do it for us, fellow humans. We will now commence our regularly scheduled game of Hiding From The Internet for the weekend, and we'll be back Monday; the prodigious Mighty MJD will take you through all the Romo-related action. Sleep well, everyone, and dream of snakes in vests.