In a valuable work of public service, the guys at Get Untracked have compiled a list of the official contacts for each of the 32 college football bowl games. They dig up all kinds of fascinating tidbits.

‚ÄĘ "The Armed Forces Bowl and Las Vegas Bowls are actually run by ESPN employees." This is fantastic; make sure to email executive director Tom Starr and see if they can put together a "You're With Me, Leather" halftime show. (Pants optional.)

‚ÄĘ The director for the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl uses a Hotmail address. Come on, Jim Donovan, Sheraton wouldn't pony up for an official email address? We respect him resisting the temptation to use his other address, ""

‚ÄĘ The Alamo Bowl has a CEO. Do you think Alamo Bowl president and CEO Derrick Fox tells women that he's a CEO when he meets them? "Yeah, baby, I'm a president AND a CEO. Well, yes, it's a one-time-a-year event that currently features Iowa and Texas, but hey, that's a busy day!"

We encourage all Deadspin readers to email the president of the bowl of which they are most fond and see if they can, we dunno, get them a decal or something. Or, you know, quit ruining college football with their stupid bowl games.


Email Your Favorite Bowl President [Get Untracked]