You might remember, toward the end of last year, when we reviewed each month of the past year leading up to New Years Day. We called it, imaginatively, "Year In Review." Well, we're gonna do that again, starting today, with the fine month of January. We're digging through our archives pretty well, but if you think we should definitely feature something for the last year that we might overlook, email us at with suggestions. And enjoy the trip down the lane of diminishing memory!


January 4. Vince Young wins the national championship for Texas. He will later come to the NFL and rue the day he cut in a buffet line ahead of Merrill Hoge.

January 5. Clinton Portis introduces the world to Coach Janky Spanky; world thanks him months later by ending his season by injury.

January 8. Marcus "New Mexico" Vick lets a couple of kids know that he just needs Park Place to finish his McDonald's Monopoly game.

January 17. "ESPN Hollywood" is canceled. We feel we never got to say goodbye.

January 18. Antonio Davis' wife Kendra harasses a Bulls fan, who responds in kind, until he realizes, uh, there's an extremely tall angry man in front of him.

January 21. LeBron James' mother is arrested for a DUI and maced by police. We'll never stop being stunned by this story.

January 22. Kobe Bryant scores 81 freaking points and maces LeBron's mom for good measure.

January 25. In the only down part of what will be a wonderful year that is filled with success, Isiah Thomas is sued for sexual harassment.

January 27. We said goodbye to The Black Table (PDF), with a tear and a bunch of tequila shots.

(Monday: February! Otherwise, it would be quite confusing!)