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Yesterday started with some bad (though, really, kind of standard) Bengals news, so let's drop in some good Bengals news today. David Pollack, the rookie linebacker who fractured a vertebra during a September game for the Bengals, had his stabilizing halo removed this week.

If that's good news for him, it might be even better news for his wife: Pollack hadn't showered in 80 days. For most Bengals, when they don't shower that long, it's because they shanked a prison guard, and got locked up in the hole. Pollack said he washed his hair and body seven times each during his first shower. I don't think that's enough.


If you're wondering about the likelihood if him going out and getting arrested, he still doesn't have a lot of mobility in his head and neck, so he's unlikely to be out and about, raising hell. Some other Bengal is going to have to pick up the slack for him.

The next step in his recovery process is determining if he needs spinal fusion surgery. They won't know until next Friday. If he does need it, he'll never play football again. If he doesn't, there's still a chance he could get back on the field. Obviously, we wish him the best.

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