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As we continue to try to foster our uneasy peace with the kids at the Barbaro Message Board, we, as a public service, bring you today's great Angry Barbaro Message Boarder Email Of The Day.

I don't believe people could sink any lower than YOU!!!!!! To put your abusive TRASH on the internet in regards to an injured animal, you are true garbage. Have you nothing better to do than this???????? With all the issues in this country, most of them negative, you put your trash on line to hurt innocent people genuinely concerned about a seriously injured animal and the multitalented medical staff. You know they say, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" well I pray you bad doings come back to you!!!!! SICK is a nice way of saying what you are. Sure hope your New Year brings you nothing but misery, just what you are trying to cause for others.

(It should go without saying that this email showed up in 24 point font, with a green background.)


While some have stronger words for those on the Board, we nevertheless reiterate our call for armistice. Life's hard enough without people praying that bad doings come back to us.

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