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This is an intervention. Marvin Lewis, your team is out of control. One out of every eight Bengals players is involved in the U.S. judicial system; either in jail, on parole or awaiting trial. We'd really like you to read these pamphlets. There are people who can help.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called Bengals president Mike Brown on Monday to offer his help. Eight Bengals players have been arrested this year — three since the commissioner visited with the team Sept. 20. "Obviously, when you have incidents that don't reflect well on the National Football League, you have to deal with that aggressively," Goodell said Tuesday. "Our players and coaches are seen at a higher level by the public."

And it seems like Lewis is finally getting the message. (We wonder what practice is like sometimes over there. The first season of Deadwood is a distinct possibility).

"Unfortunately, I can't hold their hands 24/7, but it is embarrassing," Lewis said on Tuesday. "It's an embarrassment to our organization, to our city and to our fans. These things socially are not right." Aside from our idea of bringing in Jerry Tarkanian as a consultant, we're not sure how to help. Shame you guys ran Huggins out of town; he could offered some input.

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