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It was inevitable, it was preordained, it was destined and placed here only to make us happy and the world a better place: Looks like Miami and Florida International, who have a bit of history, are set to butt heads, crutches and Hell 2 Da Naw once again, next year. It's October 6. It's the Orange Bowl. Let's do this shit.

UM athletic director Paul Dee said early [yesterday] that UM and FIU have decided to play next year's game — scheduled for Oct. 6 in the Orange Bowl. ''We have a game that's scheduled and we're going to play it,'' Dee said. "We have good people, and I think everyone understands what happened can't happen again. The game will be played."

Yes, yes, it can't happen again, right, right, totally, Paul. So, who has the Pay-Per-View rights? Is there any way we can get Lamar Thomas and Mike Tyson to broadcast?


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