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After a loss to the Buzzsaw last week that could generously be called "dispiriting," the Seattle Seahawks faithful are beginning to lose hope, openly referring to last season as a fluke. (We are more optimistic about their chances, but we know nothing.)

Regardless of it all, Seattle can clinch the NFC West tonight with a win over the 49ers on the NFL Network, if you are, again, one of the fortunate few who gets that channel. For all their frustrations this year, a win tonight cinches a first round playoff game, perhaps against the Giants, which would be a fun rematch.


If you're around and wondering where all your friends — imaginary and otherwise — have gone, saddle up and enjoy tonight's open thread. It's a Thursday night game, so get those fantasy lineups in order, open up a Schlitz and try to enjoy watching Bryant Gumbel broadcast a game in the rain. Have fun!

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