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Notes on Thursday's games in the National Basketball Association ...

Coaching Is For Losers. When you get the ball with the clock winding down and your team behind by two points, it's a bit odd to look to your sideline and see your coach doing a crossword puzzle. But that's what happened on Thursday, pretty much, to the Warriors' Baron Davis. So Davis just launched a 3-pointer, and hit it, giving Golden State a 109-107 win over the Rockets. Why no time out to set up a final shot? "I put the ball in the hands of my best player,'' Warrors coach Don Nelson said. "In an open-court situation, he's the boss. I'm not.'' Davis had 24 points.


Ginobili Rules. Manu Ginobili is back (he missed four games due to a back injury), scoring 24 points as the Spurs beat the Hormets 103-77. We don't know is this quote makes him incredibly tough or incredibly odd: "I'm wearing the pad because I'm a little worried. I don't want to get hit there again. It's more prevention than I really need it, but I feel more comfortable. Sometimes when I draw a charge I feel more comfortable when I land, so I'm going to wear it for a while.''

May And Morrison To Star In Next Big Buddy Cop Movie. Sean May and Adam Morrison had 32 points and 22 points respectively to lead the Bobcats over the Magic 99-89.

Mile High Aspirations. Just to keep you updated on where Allen Iverson may be headed now (we'll list every team before we're done, most likely), the Denver Nuggets seem to be the latest hot rumor. According to the Denver Post, the Nuggets are looking to grab Iverson for a push to their first NBA title. And it could be the Nuggets and the Trail Blazers in a three-way trade. Or not.