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Just because we've decided to wait just a little longer to get our arms around the Marcus Vick story, we take a brief hiatus with the tale of Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson, previously one of our favorites because he has the name "Tank Johnson" entirely on the back of his jersey. We love that.

Of course, maybe that's what made it so easy for the cops to find him, because they raided his house yesterday, supposedly looking for drugs (Tank has now been arrested three times since joining the Bears). They found "a cache of unregistered guns and assault rifles — some loaded," and we love that the Chicago Tribune added that ominous "some loaded" at the end, because otherwise we'd have no idea what people do with guns. They also found Willie B. Posey, who had two ounces of the ganga on him during the raid; he was busted too. Oh, and they also found Johnson's girlfriend and their two kids, around the guns and the ganja and the Willie Posey.

The Bears are unlikely to discipline Johnson before the charges are addressed in court, which happens to be just a few days before the Bears will host their first playoff game. The smart thing, of course, is to "suspend" him for the last three unimportant games in which you'd probably sit him anyway. Makes you look tough on crime and people who leave their kids with drugs, guns and Willie.

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