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So here's something that couldn't possibly go wrong. As Florida prepares for its BCS "Championship" Game against Ohio State, they are calling in the cavalry to help them get the win. They're so desperate for any advantage that they've even called in an old friend.

"Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong planned to call a key source in about how to beat Ohio State, so I thought I'd beat him to it. I found Ron Zook on the recruiting trail Wednesday and asked him the same general questions Strong will, minus a few dozen X's and O's: How in the world did you come within seven points of the Buckeyes? How did you hold them to only 17 points?"

Ron Zook's noted intensity — that is to say, INTENSITY! — surely should help the Gators, particularly with the inventive new sideways wobbling off the back of a lineman punt play. ZOOK 'em!

OK, Our Money Is Definitely On Ohio State [Bored At Life]