We're reviewing each month of the past year leading up to New Years Day. We call it, imaginatively, "Year In Review." We're digging through our archives pretty well, but if you think we should definitely feature something for the last year that we might overlook, email us at tips@deadspin.com with suggestions. And enjoy the trip down the lane of diminishing memory!


June 8. Days after journeyman reliever Jason Grimsley is busted for HGH, we report that Grimsley's trainer, Chris Mihlfeld, is mentioned in the report. Months later, it's revealed that he wasn't mentioned in the document, and we were wrong, and it was Roger Clemens' trainer who was listed instead. (That's denied too.)

June 8. David Hirshey makes his debut appearance on Deadspin, writing about the World Cup, which we live-blogged like crazy.

June 12. Ben Roethlisberger makes friends with the pavement, sans helmet.

June 13. JJ Redick has a few too many Zimas and is busted for drunk driving.

June 20. The Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup, and yes, we did notice.

June 20. "You're With Me, Leather" shows up on TRL, blowing our minds.

June 22. Ozzie Guillen increases his popularity with Chicago-area sportswriters by calling Jay Mariotti a "fag."

June 26. Minor league manager Joe Mikulik performs an opera in three acts, setting the bar for managerial tirades so high that no one will ever reach it again.

June 30. Eddie Griffin learns, much to his surprise, that there in fact is a wrong place to masturbate.