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You've probably heard by now about former Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter's arrest yesterday. Carter was charged with possession of marijuana after police showed up for a complaint about a domestic disturbance.

He had less than two ounces of the sticky on him, which is a class B misdemeanor. And anyone who's going to have his full, legal name of Lavonya Quintelli Carter printed in the newspaper the next day... well, I think he should be entitled to get himself as high as he wants. The police should give him a bag on his way out of his holding cell.


And the man responsible for his being released is a Forth Worth Star-Telegram columnist named Randy Galloway. Galloway had some fun at Carter's expense back in the day, and felt compelled to bail him out. Galloway called "Cowboy Bail Bonds" (The team has their own bail bonds company? Nice...) during his radio show.

The fact that it was a sports columnist who bailed him out... what's it matter? Slightly tacky and self-serving that he did it on the air, maybe. But I think it would be a stretch to call Quincy Carter an athlete at this point, and even if he still was, I think a columnist's "conflict of interest" is a poor reason to let a guy sit in jail. I'm sure this is nothing that Jay Mariotti wouldn't have done for Ozzie Guillen.

And if this is the way things are going to go now, with people who write about sports being obligated to post bond money for arrested athletes they once made fun of... well, I hope Stephon Marbury can keep himself out of jail, because I don't know if I can afford it.

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