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If you were watching Around the Horn yesterday (just kidding, I know you weren't), you might have seen Woody Paige reveal the locker-room snitch that Terrell Owens told Michael Irvin all about. Owens said in the ESPN interview that someone inside the Dallas organization made it a point to tell the media about even the slightest of his transgressions, but he wouldn't say name him, and hadn't confronted him. Woody Paige dropped a dime on the snitch yesterday. Maybe.

The Big Lead, with the help of their readers, reports that Paige said something like, "The person who is informing the media is a frustrated receiver who is upset that TO is close to getting 1,000 yards, and that person's initials are..."


And then not only ESPN bleeped out whatever he said next, but took the extra step of blurring out his mouth, so his lips couldn't be read. But a couple of The Big Lead's commenters said it was still somehow clear that Paige said, "T.G." Another blog, Reelpeeplz, reports hearing the same thing.

A public Terry Glenn vs. Terrell Owens feud, I think we could all agree, would be fantastic ... but also terribly destructive for the Dallas Cowboys. Terrell Owens deserves some credit for keeping the snitch's identity to himself, because he's right, it would be a huge distraction. But thankfully, Woody Paige is out there doing the work of snitching his damn self bringing the truth to light, so Owens and Glenn can have an honest and open discussion about it. I can't wait.

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