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Greetings, Spinheads. Today's our final day together, and before we break out the huffing supplies and begin a rousing game of alligator fuckhouse, I have a quick announcement: I'd like to let all parties in the Miami area know that I've once again been permitted to display my on-the-scene reporting prowess at this year's Super Bowl. Some of you may remember last year's debacle where, after one week in Detroit, I managed to::

• Not get a press pass
•Score an exculsive interview with a man who makes salami footballs
•Procure Nicky HIlton's phone number

and of course

•Lose my fucking rental car

So, in retrospect, it was the journalistic equivalent of "Educating Peter".


This post is an attempt to solicit personal favors I can from any and all people involved with the Super Bowl this year, or anybody who lives in the Miami area who can tell me about some of the good places to go, the places to avoid, and the places where there's a strong possibility I might get shot. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Now, let's get back to making some passionate — yet, gentle — love to this handsome sports blog.