Adrian Wojnarowski's column a couple of days ago on Joumana Kidd and the shitstorm she's about to dump on the New Jersey Nets organization contained this fascinating tidbit:

"Around the organization, they believe Joumana plans to deliver damaging information on Jason and possibly his teammates. This could test the limits of locker room peace and the rush of a resurgent Nets season. This is going to get messier and nastier and ultimately test the staying power of this franchise." and later...

We don't mean to jump to conclusions here — we're a blog; we'd never do that — but it kind of sounds like that whole gay Net story, doesn't it? Joumana Kidd — who has been banned from Continental Airlines arena — might be a disaster to the New Jersey Nets and Jason Kidd ... but she sure is going out in a fun way. This is going to be difficult not to enjoy.

Hurricane Joumana [Yahoo Sports]
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(UPDATE: The New York Daily News picked this up today too.)