You might think that Jesus would want you to watch NASCAR, and, doggone it, you'd be right.

"As a minister, I'm always looking for creative ways to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ," said minister Tony Vismor, whose timing of a NASCAR-related sermon, complete with fuel can, racing tires, a jack, racing flags and a Nextel Cup-shaped trophy, was intentionally set to coincide with the stock car portion of Speedweeks at Daytona Beach and Sunday's Daytona 500. "And so I began to think, 'How can I use NASCAR, which is such a popular attraction to so many people?' And what are some things that we can pull out of there that may give us some keys to spiritual truth that we can associate?"

"We've got a lot of splash-and-go Christians," Vismor said. "But you cannot win with a life of splash-and-go pit stops."

We admire Rev. Vismor for his inventive ways to get people into church — though he's not the first to come up with it — but we really think slapping the pulpit with Winston stickers was a bit much.

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