So here's a grand idea: The notoriously rabid fans of Buenos Aires soccer team Boca Juniors are so renowned for their insane support that they're actually renting themselves out to other countries' teams.

Ole quoted a government source as saying members of Argentina's barras bravas - a hardcore groups of fans — had traveled to the two countries to meet supporters and organize conferences, charging for their advice in U.S. dollars.

The subject matter included terrace chants, the use of weapons and methods for extorting money from club directors and players. The report said a leading fan from Mexico's Pumas UNAM had twice visited Buenos Aires to obtain first hand experience of the methods used by the notorious Boca Juniors supporters club known as "La Doce" (The 12th man).

This is an absolutely brilliant idea; we would love to see Boca Juniors fans take over, say, the Devil Rays. It would make Tropicana Field a much more fun place.

Argentine Hooligans Coming Soon To Arena Near You [The Sports Oasis]