We've been browsing around for reaction to the Tim Hardaway comments from Wednesday, and the first thing that struck us is the absence of same from a lot of the NBA blogs. We're not sure why. A few, however, are speaking out. Here's a sample.

YAYSports. We've been searching and searching for anything that'll lead to where this hatred came from, but have come up with nothing. We're assuming he's deeply religious or something boring like that, but hold out hope that like he was captured by a gay gang who like kept him prisoner for days at a time and like made him watch Cabaret for days on end. Whatever the case, Tim seems determined to destroy the legend of the U-Tep 2-Step. On one hand, you must commend him for not being afraid to speak his mind. On the other, we wish he'd do it on TV, so we could like watch the reaction in the interviewer's face.


The Hype Guy. Couldn't you just imagine Timmy in the movie Borat with the way he outwardly said those things?

We Are The Postmen. This thing just keeps getting better. Here's a fun little story stellar Postmen reader Don sent along to us a little bit ago, as told to him by a friend: When I was valeting cars out at Disney, Hardaway was staying at our hotel for a few days. He kept tipping like shit for the first couple days and we all new he was a millionare so of course word got around and all the valet's didn't like him. On a Saturday night he comes out and asks a few of the valets what club would be hopping that night. My boy Tommy tells him he needs to go check out the Parliament House as it is off the chain on Saturday and he really tells him how good of time he will have and how many bitches will be there. Hardaway goes and comes back later that evening extremely pissed off demanding to talk to management. Turns out he wasn't too happy that the valet's had sent him to a gay club. .always take care of your valet's.

A Bargain At Twice The Price. As expected, Hardaway memorabilia on eBay is priced to sell. Here's one item, though, that you can't afford tp pass up.


TrueHoop. Kevin Arnovitz from ClipperBlog e-mails that Tim Hardaway's anti-gay comments are good in the long run: "It's that old classic: One brother is beating the s—- out of the other brother, then there's a knock. It's Mom, and she yells through the door, 'What's going on in there?!' She cracks the door open and the older brother, like the cat with the canary, says, 'Oh, nothing, Mom!' and flashes a big smile. Then Mom, with a furrowed brow, says, 'Alright. Behave.' Then she closes the door and, once she's out of an earshot, the kid goes back to beating the s—- out of his brother." At least Hardaway said, 'Mom, I'm thrashing my brother because he's a f——— piece of s—-.' Now Mom actually has to parent."

Over at NBA.com, by the way, the controversy is totally absent. When Stern banishes you, he banishes you.

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