The NFL, of course, has the term "Super Bowl" trademarked, so you can't use those particular words to promote any kind of a party or gathering for the event. Not only is it illegal, but if you close your eyes and say "Super Bowl" three times, Ed Hochuli will appear in front of you and rip your goddamn arms off.

Anyway, it's understandable that the NFL wants to control how "Super Bowl" is used (even if it does seem a little counterproductive; isn't increased publicity and buzz for the event a good thing?). So a lot of bars, stores, and promotions simply referred to it as "the big game," knowing everyone would understand. The NFL wants to trademark "the big game," too.

That seems a little over-the-top. Can we even say "NFL" anymore? Do we have to call it "that game they play on Sundays that's kinda like rugby, except they wear pads and run plays and stuff"?

Other terms the NFL is considering trademarking include: touchdown, playoffs, pigskin, tight end, athletic supporter, Gatorade , facemask, make it rain, groin, pylon, unabated, football, foot, and ball.

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