It's a dilemma that has plagued hunters for centuries: When stalking in the woods, how do I keep deer from seeing me pray? The answer: The camo bible, guaranteed to fool even the most devout grouse, squirrel or beaver, so that you may blast them to Kingdom Come; just as God intended. We recommend the "Outdoorsman's Mossy Oak" version, which not only includes both the Old and New Testaments, but also has an additional book of venison recipes.

And you may chow down on your bounty over at the Spotswood Baptist Church, where all are welcome, as long as you are a Christian and are toting an animal carcass.

At Saturday night's dinner, about 200 men and boys in camouflage-casual attire swapped hunting stories, practiced turkey calling and looked at mounted deer, all-terrain vehicles and duck decoys. "We've seen everything from impala to muskrat, catfish to squirrel. We've had tuna and bear and wild boar," Foster said. "Primarily people come for the food. But we do include faith, in a nonthreatening way."

Little known fact: The Last Supper? Jesus had the raccoon sloppy Joes.

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