This video from last night's thrilling Texas A&M-Texas game is awfully shaky and, oh yeah, shot off a television, but it's still worth it, for one of the weirder moments of teammate camaraderie we've seen in a while.

As pointed out by One More Dying Quail, late in the second overtime, Texas freshman Damion Jones James, in an attempt to fire up fellow Longhorn A.J. Abrams, smacks him on the ass exceptionally hard. So hard, in fact, that Abrams juts forward and then turns around, ready to beat the ass of whoever just smacked him.


We understand that the ass slap is a fundamental part of any team's repertoire — though we haven't the foggiest idea why — but this is the first time we've ever seen it nearly slide into the sadomasochistic.

Damion Jones Is One Odd Duck [One More Dying Quail]